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I ❤ you, Sarah Illenberger. You could be Michel Gondry’s younger, cooler sister.



Gwendolyn Kraehenfuss is the young German photographer behind these dreamy images. Her works are caught somewhere within that haunting tension between reverie, reality and memory.

Looking at them makes me want to run, cry and dance all at once.

Gwendolyn uses a mix of digital and traditional photographic technique.



Kareem Rizk is a Melbourne artist/graphismo who makes gorgeous collage and mixed media works, as well as graphic design and some gorgeous photography.

I love the textural, analogue-meets-digital aesthetic of his collage pieces, which translate beautifully online. I’ve had a penchant for that kind of digital lo-fi style since discovering {ths} (Thomas Schostok) and Misprinted Type (Eduardo Recife).



Summer Garden on FlickrBlue Rays on flickrWatermelon Blossoms on Flickr

I’ve begun a flickr stream. I aim to upload weekly, (at least!) depending on how much making and picture-taking I do. 🙂

Images will include previous, current and new works as well as illustrations, pictures of my kusudama and general art photos (which are amateur at best).

There’s a spot on the sidebar of this blog which displays my latest photos, or you can visit my flickr page at

Abigail A. Percy
Anemone Outline Hoop Earrings

Abigail A. Percy is a Glasgow-based jeweller who sells her pieces through her Etsy store, and also maintains a personal design/studio blog. Her blog includes stunning photos of her studio work, as well as snippets of inspirational design and pictures of her surroundings.  Abigail has also recently launched a second online store.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this sweet designer after reading her blog. Her photography, sketches, and web design are as beautiful as her work, and through her blog her work is enriched as readers can engage with this sensitive soul. 🙂

A fabulous example of a young, independent designer/maker expanding her career by actively promoting her business online, to an international audience.

Fiona Hall
Understorey 1999-2004
glass beads, silver wire, rubber, boar’s teeth

Before Damien Hirst pave-set a platinum skull, there was Fiona Hall.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is currently holding an exhibiton by Australian contemporary artist Fiona Hall. Fiona Hall: Force Field runs from March 6 until June 1.

Hall’s  work explores social, political, environmental and economic concerns through a a diverse range of media including photography, sculpture, painting, installation. Hall exalts everyday objects and simultaneously subverts the plastic economies from which they emerge.

I found this exhibiton really inspiring and insightful. Hall’s often tongue-in-cheek approach to serious issues is really accessible, her works don’t drown in obscure meaning or pretentiousness.
Go and see it!

Also, keep your calendar free for Southern Exposure, featuring works from the San Diego MCA from the likes of Barbara Kruger, Ed Ruscha and Bill Viola. Runs from March 20 until June 1.



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