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I am pleased to announce the launch of my work into the Craft ACT shop!

For those Canberra locals who haven’t seen or heard of this exciting place — I urge you to visit! Located in Civic Square on London Cct, Craft ACT exhibits some of the region (and Australia’s) most amazing makers. They have an exciting and dynamic exhibition schedule within their two gallery spaces, and have recently launched the new Craft ACT shop! The shop features works from local makers — textiles, glass, ceramics, jewellery, objects and publications. All products are designed by talented craftspeople and handmade, so by buying up you’re supporting independent makers.

I have submitted some teacup rings and wireframe neckpieces, the latter including stainless steel, sterling silver and 24k gold plated brass, all on oxidised sterling silver chain. You can see some examples of this series here, and learn about the teacup rings here.

My works will be in the ‘crucible showcase’ at the entrance to Craft ACT until Saturday 22nd May, at which point they will enter the shop. They are available as “cash and carry” so you can buy one from the display and take it home on the spot! What more could I ask or??


La Lecon D\'Amour Dans Un Parc by Benjamin Forster on Emptybook La Lecon D\'Amour Dans Un Parc by Benjamin Forster on Emptybook La Lecon D\'Amour Dans Un Parc by Benjamin Forster 

Benjamin Forster is an amazing local artist whose work completely enraptures me. He is a graduate of the ANU School of Art and still resides in Canberra.

Benjamin Forster on Emptybook

Among his drawing explorations he has investigated computer programming and created a java program which enables his computer to create drawings based in his own pencilings. My personal favourite is the artist book La Lecon D’Amour Dans Un Parc within which he explored a personal narrative through illustrations over the pages of an old book. Apart from being technically and visually exquisite, this work really speaks to me – I love the idea of reclaiming these ‘lost’ stories or objects, these earthly, physical experiences. Like opening an old book or touching antique lace. I feel like Benjamin’s work reminds us of our own physicality somehow. *sigh* and here I am in cyberspace. I might go and draw on some walls. 🙂

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Canberra’s Got Style is a design/culture/art/fashion/shopping blog by sassy Canberran lass Ninaribena. Herself an interior designer and self-proclaimed domestic goddess, Ninaribena has made it her personal goal to put Canberra on the culture map, enthusiastically exploring local talent via architecture, boutiques, thrift stores, exhibitions and galleries.

She also has a secondary blog, ninaribena makes… where she posts images of her personal design and sewing projects.Definitely one for your daily design supplement. 🙂



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