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La Lecon D\'Amour Dans Un Parc by Benjamin Forster on Emptybook La Lecon D\'Amour Dans Un Parc by Benjamin Forster on Emptybook La Lecon D\'Amour Dans Un Parc by Benjamin Forster 

Benjamin Forster is an amazing local artist whose work completely enraptures me. He is a graduate of the ANU School of Art and still resides in Canberra.

Benjamin Forster on Emptybook

Among his drawing explorations he has investigated computer programming and created a java program which enables his computer to create drawings based in his own pencilings. My personal favourite is the artist book La Lecon D’Amour Dans Un Parc within which he explored a personal narrative through illustrations over the pages of an old book. Apart from being technically and visually exquisite, this work really speaks to me – I love the idea of reclaiming these ‘lost’ stories or objects, these earthly, physical experiences. Like opening an old book or touching antique lace. I feel like Benjamin’s work reminds us of our own physicality somehow. *sigh* and here I am in cyberspace. I might go and draw on some walls. 🙂

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Ms Brown Clutch by Kara Smith on Swan by Lino Creative on Kiss by Honor Bowden on scarf by Button Tree on

For all those budding Australian artists and designers who want sell and keep it local on 2.0, try Featuring the saleable works of independent artists, designers, and budding
, it’s kind of the local equivalent of etsy, and the nice thing about that is that it doesn’t have as many sellers so your wares are far more visible to customers. That’s where I plan to be launching sometime soon. Hopefully.

(Yes, I coined that word. It isn’t real.)

Aephilae by Rex RayTelecenesis by Rex RayRationaria by Rex Ray

The work of Rex Ray makes me happy. The San-Fran based fine artist (and also heralded graphic designer) started his collage works by cutting up magazines (if you’re a mag-hoard like I once was, this is so liberating) and then began to experiment with printing and colouration techniques on various papers as source materials. His collages are assembled
on plywood or canvas and then sealed with epoxy. Makes it sound simple, huh? The resulting works are these shimmering, lively neo-pop wall-candies. Some of his works remind me of one of my most favourite illustrators, Aya Kato.

Rex Ray’s works are sold at the online store of Jonathon Adler, which is also very deserving of special mention, not the least because of his manifesto:

” We believe minimalism is a bummer.

We believe handcrafted tchotchkes are life-enhancing.

We believe tassels are the earrings of the home.”

Also, I can’t argue with his terribly fun, pop-chic wares such as his scroll wallpaper,
needlepoint pillows, union-jack rugs, collage cushions and ‘curiosities’ such as the large leather rhino (and other pets).

Collage Pillow by Jonathon AdlerWoodhouse Chair by Jonathon Adler
Wallpapers by Jonathon AdlerSquirrel ring box by Jonathon AdlerLantern Birdhouse by by Jonathon Adler



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