Chronicles of Never Chronicles of Never
Gareth Moody
Jewellery from Chronicles of Never

Ex-Ksubi frontman Gareth Moody launched his latest label Chronicles of Never in 2007, a year after distancing himself from the denim-heavy fashion trio. This latest collection represents a darker, more mature shift for the Australian designer; the collection extends from men’s and women’s clothing and shoes into unisex jewellery. Material choices include oxidised silver and brass, with bold geometries and heavy shapes.

The CON website (note the sly acronym) is beautifully designed, with illustrations reminiscent of 19th century botanical drawings which form the navigation for the site, which includes images of the collection, inspiration, and Moody’s own dreamlike musings:

“The children of the Neverland, the 19th letter in the alphabet, an audible vision that sounds of twilight in september and or may resemble a monumental structure, the third eye with green lazer beams, probes and has been probing, only to be met with an apple made from arrows hanging from an ancient/ proud weeping willow tree. (noir)”

Cool Hunting posted an interview with Moody in 2007 about the launch of the label, in which he describes the motivations and inspirations behind his work.