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Canberra’s Got Style is a design/culture/art/fashion/shopping blog by sassy Canberran lass Ninaribena. Herself an interior designer and self-proclaimed domestic goddess, Ninaribena has made it her personal goal to put Canberra on the culture map, enthusiastically exploring local talent via architecture, boutiques, thrift stores, exhibitions and galleries.

She also has a secondary blog, ninaribena makes… where she posts images of her personal design and sewing projects.Definitely one for your daily design supplement. 🙂


camilla gough
Camilla Gough
Swivel Rings
Photoetched 925 silver and yellow gold

Camilla Gough is a Melbourne based jeweller and sculptor who sells an exhibits in a select few Australian galleries, such as Melbourne’s E.g et al.

Gough’s sleek designs have a strong graphic aethsetic, with lots of layered
metals such as gold, anodsed titanium, brushed stainless steel, and
photoetched silver. The quality of her craftsmanship is impeccable, she
executes perfect geometric forms and organic shapes – such as her ‘liquid
erosions’ – with the kind of slick ease that would make Jensen or Lalique
envious. But make no mistakes – Gough’s work has the kind of street-forward
edge to draw in a fresh, young clientelle.
Graffittiesque photoetched metals and the modernist flavour of her
‘assemblages’ are a clear reference to her urban surroundings.

Seriously, check her site out. I highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Summer Garden on FlickrBlue Rays on flickrWatermelon Blossoms on Flickr

I’ve begun a flickr stream. I aim to upload weekly, (at least!) depending on how much making and picture-taking I do. 🙂

Images will include previous, current and new works as well as illustrations, pictures of my kusudama and general art photos (which are amateur at best).

There’s a spot on the sidebar of this blog which displays my latest photos, or you can visit my flickr page at

I’ve added a new category to my links list! “Art & Design Resources” provides a list of links to pages that I use for design resources – directories, online forums, intructions generally helpful places. 🙂

Subject matter will include anything from web design to jewellery to 3D modelling sites. Watch it grow…

Chronicles of Never Chronicles of Never
Gareth Moody
Jewellery from Chronicles of Never

Ex-Ksubi frontman Gareth Moody launched his latest label Chronicles of Never in 2007, a year after distancing himself from the denim-heavy fashion trio. This latest collection represents a darker, more mature shift for the Australian designer; the collection extends from men’s and women’s clothing and shoes into unisex jewellery. Material choices include oxidised silver and brass, with bold geometries and heavy shapes.

The CON website (note the sly acronym) is beautifully designed, with illustrations reminiscent of 19th century botanical drawings which form the navigation for the site, which includes images of the collection, inspiration, and Moody’s own dreamlike musings:

“The children of the Neverland, the 19th letter in the alphabet, an audible vision that sounds of twilight in september and or may resemble a monumental structure, the third eye with green lazer beams, probes and has been probing, only to be met with an apple made from arrows hanging from an ancient/ proud weeping willow tree. (noir)”

Cool Hunting posted an interview with Moody in 2007 about the launch of the label, in which he describes the motivations and inspirations behind his work.

Stephane Tartelin
Give me a cloud

Parisian illustrator Stephane Tartelin‘s dreamlike illustrations make him the latest addition to my list of favourite artists. His commercial work also ventures into the realms of animation, motion graphics, graphic design and commercial illustration, but his online sketchbook reveals his mastery of linework and sensitive eye.

Oh, and on that note, I’m starting a list of websites of my favourite artists, designers and illustrators, which you can find in the sidebar of this blog. These sites aren’t necessarily blogs, just online portfolios and personal sites, so they won’t be included in the Blogroll, they’ll be in the list beneath. 🙂

Abigail A. Percy
Anemone Outline Hoop Earrings

Abigail A. Percy is a Glasgow-based jeweller who sells her pieces through her Etsy store, and also maintains a personal design/studio blog. Her blog includes stunning photos of her studio work, as well as snippets of inspirational design and pictures of her surroundings.  Abigail has also recently launched a second online store.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this sweet designer after reading her blog. Her photography, sketches, and web design are as beautiful as her work, and through her blog her work is enriched as readers can engage with this sensitive soul. 🙂

A fabulous example of a young, independent designer/maker expanding her career by actively promoting her business online, to an international audience.

Fiona Hall
Understorey 1999-2004
glass beads, silver wire, rubber, boar’s teeth

Before Damien Hirst pave-set a platinum skull, there was Fiona Hall.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is currently holding an exhibiton by Australian contemporary artist Fiona Hall. Fiona Hall: Force Field runs from March 6 until June 1.

Hall’s  work explores social, political, environmental and economic concerns through a a diverse range of media including photography, sculpture, painting, installation. Hall exalts everyday objects and simultaneously subverts the plastic economies from which they emerge.

I found this exhibiton really inspiring and insightful. Hall’s often tongue-in-cheek approach to serious issues is really accessible, her works don’t drown in obscure meaning or pretentiousness.
Go and see it!

Also, keep your calendar free for Southern Exposure, featuring works from the San Diego MCA from the likes of Barbara Kruger, Ed Ruscha and Bill Viola. Runs from March 20 until June 1.



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